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Realism In A Wagner Matinee - 894 Words

Realism Argumentative Essay â€Å"I never knew what she found in the shining current of it; I never knew how far it bore her, or past what happy islands†¦Ã¢â‚¬  These words of Frances Cather show the realism aspect told in the story. Realism is often portrayed as someone or something who has dealt with a rough, or everyday life. Growing up Georgiana sacrifices almost all of her comforts to be with her husband out in the country, making her a â€Å"slave† in her own home. Frances Cather shows realism in â€Å"A Wagner Matinee† when she describes her aunt as â€Å"She wore a black stuff dress whose ornamentation showed that she has surrendered herself unquestionably into the hands of a country dressmaker. My poor aunt’s figure, however, would have presented†¦show more content†¦By writing this Cather showed realism in the sense of talking about the hardworking, everyday jobs and lives of the lower class American people. Cather shows the everyday lives of lower class citizens during the time of the homestead act by writing in a realist tone. Cather also showed realism by talking about the everyday activities of lower class citizens. â€Å"During the three winters when I was riding herd for my uncle, my aunt, after cooking three meals for half a dozen farm-hands, and putting the six children to bed, would often stand until midnight at her ironing-board, hearing me at the kitchen table beside her recite Latin declensions and conjugations..† (Cather 387). This quote talks about the duties Cather’s aunt took on for the family.By telling us about the daily chores Cather’s aunt took on for her family proves the realism aspect in the story. â€Å"I became, in short, the gangling farmer-boy my aunt had known, scourged with chilblains and bashfulness, my hands cracked and raw from the corn-husking.† (Cather 385). This quote talks about when the boy remembers when his aunt knew him as a Cornhusker. This shows the everyday tasks lower class citizens were faced with. By talking about the daily tasks of t he people of the time it explores the part of realism that has to do with everyday things of everyday people, especially due to their social class. While reading the story, character and scenery details are constantly placedShow MoreRelatedThemes of Regionalism in Cathers A Wagner Matinee Essay617 Words   |  3 Pagespublished a short story, A Wagner Matinee. Highly educated and informed, Cather demonstrated realism techniques and language throughout the short story. Most of her writing, published at the end of the realist era, was not well accepted. A Wagner Matinee strongly contradicts literary techniques and devices of Romanticism while emphasizing regionalism, a form of realism. In comparing and contrasting literary techniques and style of the Romantic and realism eras, A Wagner Matinee, by Willa Cather, wouldRead MoreFeminism And The American Equal Rights Association1550 Words   |  7 PagesWilla Cather, and Edith Wharton. In the speech to the American Equal Rights Association, Truth reveals that women do not have rights to present their voices in the court. Cather addresses women’s devastating labor life aft er the marriage in â€Å"A Wagner Matinee.† Likewise, in â€Å"April Shower†, Wharton portrays men’s criticism upon economically successful women. American female authors of the late 19th and early 20th century demonstrates the ideas of Feminism by men objecting to representation in politics

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