Sunday, February 2, 2020

Thesis Research_How Chinese International Students deal with Research Paper

Thesis Research_How Chinese International Students deal with Acculturative Stress in their First Year of Studying in Canada - Research Paper Example The study also involved the collection of primary data from two online forums and mapping students in various places. The study shows that a majority of Chinese international students experience acculturative stress in the Canadian environment. The study also reveals that many of the students prefer to live, study and work in groups from which they get social support. The study further reveals that apart from relying on social support, the students maintain positive thoughts and engage in a variety of activities to overcome acculturative stress. Based on the results of the study, it is recommended that Chinese international students engage in various constructive activities, maintain positive thought and seek social support to as a way of dealing with culture shock and acculturative stress. A Study on How Chinese International Students Deal with Acculturative Stress in Their First Year of Study in Canada Ever since the late 70s, the government of China implemented a policy that aimed at facilitating students’ learning of advanced western technology by studying in western universities and colleges. Today, statistics indicate that China is the biggest exporter of students in the world according to Gu (2013). ... The general trend toward the preference to study abroad among Chinese students is driven by the belief that education outside the boarders of China is more systematic and comprehensive, and that the experience is better than they otherwise would get in China. Other students are motivated by the fact that they do not have to sit for and pass university entry exams when they select to pursue education in foreign educational institutions (Anonymous, 2013). One of the main motivations that Chinese students cite for preferring to study abroad is the experience of other cultures. While this is the case, the students are often subject to culture shock and acculturation challenges within their first few months or years of their introduction to the new culture. Having left behind their friends, family, and homeland, many of these international students face numerous challenges and difficulties in their new environments. Like other immigrants, Chinese students studying in foreign countries nor mally experience acculturative stress and its effects as they struggle to adapt to the new culture and environment. Several studies have been conducted with respect to acculturation and culture shock in different parts of the world. Most of the studies that have been conducted regarding acculturative stress focus on immigrants to the U.S. from different parts of the world. While this is the case, no study has been conducted on how Chinese international students deal with acculturative stress in their first year of study in Canada. This study seeks to fill this knowledge gap. My objectives are listed as below: 1. To establish how Chinese international students in Canada suffer from acculturative stress in their first year study 2. To explore the different

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